About Us




•   Architectural Design, Interior Design
•   Design Office, Showroom, Shop
•   Construction of interior finishing
•   Construction of civil works 




 Became the leading enterprise in the development of the three areas of design - construction - interior decoration.




- For the marke : To provide premium products and services of international standards that are original, highly creative and embedded with local identities. In addition to its outstanding quality, each product - service contains a cultural message with a view to best catering for customers’ legitimate needs.

- For shareholders and partners : To enhance the collaborative spirit for mutual development; to strive to become “The Number 1 companion” of partners and shareholders; to generate attractive and sustainable investment values for shareholders and partners.

- For employees : To develop a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment, enabling high income and equal development opportunities for all employees.

- For the society : To harmonize the Company’s benefits and social benefits; to make active contributions to community-oriented activities, and to demonstrate citizens’ sense of responsibilities and national pride.




Credibility : putting a premium on Trust, using “Trust” as a competitive weapon and protecting Trust as protecting one’s honour;
Integrity : taking Heart as one of the significant foundations of the business that abides by the law and maintains occupational ethics and social morals at the highest standards;
Creativity : Creativity is regarded as the vitality, the development leverage in order to create distinctive value and unique identity in each product – service package;
Speed : Taking “speed and effectiveness in each action” as a guiding principle; highlighting pioneering aspiration and identifying that “Glory belongs to the person who finishes in a timely manner”;
Quality : Developing elite personnel that are both talented and virtuous, making contributions to the building of an elite society;
Humanity : Creating “human harmony” on grounds of equity, uprightness and tolerance; Enhancing team spirit, strength of solidarity, sense of discipline and royalty.


Slogan: “creativity for success”